***We recommend using a desktop browser for proper tool operation.***

Search by general location or input precision latitude,longitude to add a new hive marker. Drag and resize to adjust the scan location. Click on a location to activate it to edit the step size, toggle the hives to be scanned, or remove it.

To submit a new location request:

Gain a few sponsors to help fund the initial location for at least 1 month. These sponsors will help secure the area scans while we gain exposure via social media and bring in potential donors. By default, we start our scans at a step size of 31. We request a donation of $91 to sustain scan costs for the first month. If you'd like a different step size, mutiply that by 2.935483870967742 for an idea of the requested donation. ie. For a step size of 34 you would do, 34 * 2.935483870967742 = $99.81.

To submit a Rent-A-Hex request:

Travelling? Need a short-term map? Why not Rent-A-Hex? Yes, that was cheesy but it's exactly what it is. You can have a location of your choice for short-term live maps. The rate is $0.333333 for 1 step per day or $1.666667 for 1 step per week. ie. For a step size of 30 for 3 days, it would be 30 * $0.333333 * 3 = $30 (rounded up). The process remains the same as a new location request. Just specify that this would be a rental hex for X number of days/weeks along with your request. Once accepted, you will have a map dedicated to your hex(es). At the moment, alerts are NOT included.

  1. Take a screen shot of the area
  2. Download the coordinates
  3. Note the step size chosen
  4. Post in the #scan_suggestions channel of our discord server items 1, 2 & 3.

Blue Hex - Existing Location
Pink Hex - Location queued for next batch
Purple Hex - Location Requested
Orange Hex - Rental Hexes

Download Coordinates
Download Geofence